the World’s first non metallic trench lining system for the safe installation of utilities.

Easy to transport and assemble, the heaviest component weighs only 25kg, making EZE-Shoring the ideal composite trench lining solution.

Composite trench lining system: EZE Shoring

EZE Shoring is the World's first non-metallic trench lining system.

Manufactured by Exel Composites UK, this high performance composite system com-prises of only 5 different components. The lightweight, easy to assemble system uses composite struts (where necessary) to make it 100% NON CONDUCTIVE.

This makes it the SAFEST, EASIEST and LIGHTEST trench lining product available for the installation of underground utilities, - GAS, WATER, and ELECTRICITY. (Steel struts can also be utilised in the system as an alternative option if conductivity is not a critical factor)


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Only 5 different components to choose from.

The Hub Panels and GRP sheets are symmetrical and so can be used either way up.

Made from a high performance composite (HPC) material - All components weigh less than 25kg

EZE-Shor is easy to transport and assemble and requires minimal maintenance.


Prop and Slider 2

Intrinsically safe’ – meaning it is 100% non conductive.

ZERO magnetic signature, making it the safest trench lining product available for the installation of underground power
cables and gas pipes.

All items have been designed with Finite Element Analysis to be as safe and efficient as possible.



Can accommodate different size trenches from 1.5m long to 3m long and 1.38m deep to 2.52m deep.

Can be used with steel props if required.
By lifting the GRP sheets, crossing services can be accommodated.



 With no pins, clips, slings, pumps or hydraulics to worry about, each individual component weighs less than 25Kgs.

Easily fitting into a ‘transit van’ for rapid deployment if required, the system is very flexible in accommodating different depths and trench lengths—see pages 8—23 for further details



Colour Coded

All items are colour coded for ease of identification.


No Loose Parts

Only 5 core items needed


Easily Transported

All items can fit in the back of an estate car or small van.



Intrinsically safe installation of gas pipes or power cables



All items weigh less than 25kg


Zero Magnetic Signature

Can be used around explosive devices.